Ayodhya: The place which can’t be conquered in a war

lord ram in ayodhya

Ayodhya means one which can’t be conquered in a war.

Ayodhya= A+yudhya which can’t be won in “ yuddha” that city of supreme Lord Rama is known as Ayodhya. Ayodhya is the legendary place where Lord Rama was born .

#Ayodhya: Land of Lord Rama

Ayodhya is also sometimes referred to as Ram Janmabhoomi (“Rama’s birthplace”). The town is located on the banks of river Sarayu, also spelled Saryu. There is a surfeit of temples in this town, numbering over 100.

Some of the important ones are:

Temple of Rama and his consort Sita, called the Kanak Bhavan; Hanuman temple called the Hanuman Garhi on top of a hill where, apart from a Hanuman statue in a sitting posture.

lord ram hanuman
Lord ram and hanuman

There is also a 6 inches (15 cm) tall image of Hanuman always bedecked by flowers; the Kshireshwaranath temple of Sita, established by Kausalya, Rama’s mother. In addition, there are several kunds or ponds and ghats.

(bathing steps to approach river or tank water level) with linkage to characters; such as the Brahma kund built in honour of Brahma’s visit here, Sita kund, Bharat kund, Lakshman ghat where Lakshman, Rama’s brother took bath, Rama ghat.

ram sita lakshman

(also called Swargadwar meaning gateway to heaven). There is a legend related to Kusha, son of Rama, in support of the Nageshwaranath temple here. The armlet, which Kusha had lost in the Sarayu river was found by a nag-Kanya (a damsel of the serpent family),

a devotee of Lord Shiva, who fell in love with Kusha. A temple was built by Kusha in her honor and is stated to be the only surviving ancient temple dated to the reign of Vikramaditya.

ram mandir

The historic legacy of this place is traced to sixth century BC, as established by archaeological and literary references. Ramayana epic is traced to the late centuries of BC of the Ikshvaku Dynasty and early centuries of AD. Dasaratha, father of Rama belonged to this dynasty.

Invasions by Mughals

Mughal emperor Babar, who had come to India along with other Muslim forces looted the Mandir and tried to finish out the great culture of India by demolishing temples and forced conversion to the Hindus.

invasion by mughal babar

Those who were feared and accepted Islam were saved and those who objected were butchered mercilessly. Muslim began to infiltrate from the 12th century. They were in groups invaded India several times. They demolished temples and back to their country with gold and diamonds.


Babar was the first Mughal emperor, who wanted to hoist the flag of Islam. At that very time, there was no Mosque anywhere in India. So, once, he was wandering near Ayodhya, Fakir Jalal met Babar.

Babar asked as to how to unfurled the Islamic flag in India? Jalal a Fakir told Babar that if he wanted to see Islam here in India, he would have to hoist the flag on the tomb of Sri Ram Mandir. Else, Islam will not be accepted in India.

Jalal said that Ayodhya and Lord Sri Ram is the most favorite Lord to the Hindus and if any way, Mosque was built there on the temple debris, Islam flag would be hosted in India. So, Babar army demolished Sri Ram temple at Ayodhya,

babri masjid
babari masjid

but the Hindus present nearby gathered and fierce battle between Hindu army and Muslim army fought. Babar army used to demolish the temple and Hindus used to reach there to counter it.

babari masjid image

Development of Ayodhya

The Uttar Pradesh government has announced a plethora of development works worth hundreds of crores for Ayodhya: renovating Ram Katha Museum and expanding the facilities, constructing a multipurpose hall at Digambar Akhada,

landscaping and developing Guptar Ghat and Laxman Kila Ghat, installing solar lighting at five ghats and other places in the city, developing drainage as well as a solid waste management system to make sure that no sewer lines flow into Saryu River,

developing streets from Chowk Ayodhya Road to Hanuman Garhi, Kanak Bhawan, and Dashrath Bhawan for pedestrians, and so on.

If the temple is built, it will be like a mela (carnival) every day here, and the number of devotees coming to Ayodhya will multiply.

This will give a great fillip to the local economy and tourism. Many facilities will develop with the increase in demand.

Why Ram Mandir is needed?

A billion people of this nation have faith towards lord ram. and it is such a misfortune that the place where Lord Rama was born in the same place we do not have a temple to worship him. What can be worse than this? Many Govt. have come and gone but the case of Ram Mandir has never been resolved.