India have completed 3 years of demonetization, See what people are saying on twitter


Almost all spent lots of time in queue during demonetization. Also few people die. Can you imagine how people gave their hospital bills, school fee. How they get money for marriage ceremoney?

Lets take a glimpse of demonetization in india.

Workers Condition:

What politicians says

ArvindKejriwal hits out at PM Modi, calls demonetisation ‘biggest scam in Independent India’ “He is proven right yet again”

People were beaten for their own money

Demonetization pics:

Media mislead india people by interroducing fake technology:

Reporter Shweta singh explaing fake chip technology in new currency.

Zee news reporter sudhir chowdhary playing rubbish role to mislead people. Tha bad thing is that none is there to take action against spreading rumours in society.

What modi , The Prime Minister said