The Unbelievable Story Of Maharishi Ved Vyasa, a devine soul who created the epic called Mahabharata


Once upon a time in the existence, there was a sage called Maharishi Parashara. He was the author of the first ever Puran- The Vishnu Puran. Once he was travelling near the river Yamuna, he saw a young lady who was from the family of fisherman and helped the travelers to cross the river in her wooden boat.

The sage got attracted to the girl. He went towards the girl and asked her to take him across the river, she paddled on. In the mid of the river, Parashara grabed her hand and told her about his feeling and asked her to make love.

Her name was Satyawati also known as Matsyagandha due the fishy smell that came out of her body. Satyawati hesitated but after his repeated request she agreed for the same. However, she had some conditions for the sage.

The first condition – Satyawati said that when the approach the bank and get involed, no one shall see them. Parashara agreed and spoke some Mantra and soon an island appeared and the surrounding became foggy around them.

The second condition – Satyawati asked that the fishy smell from her body should turn into fragrance and her virginity shall be maintained even after this togetherness. The sage agreed and pronounced the mantras to turn the fishy smell to a beautiful fragrance and gave the boon that her virginity shall be maintained even after their relationship.

hen she asked him to give her a boon that her child shall be knowledgeable and learned and a big sage himself not a fisherman instead. The sage welcomed this condition too and said TATHASTU.

The two then went on to make love on the foggy island. The sage then left the island. On the same day Devi Satyavati gave birth to a boy who was later known as Veda Vyasa. He was dark so he got his name Krishna and since he was born on an island (dwip), he was named Dvaipayana.

He was believed to be a part of Lord Vishnu. Ved Vyasa only was the creator, the author of the great epic of all time, the Mahabharata. In fact, Ved Vyasa was the great grandfather of Kauravas and Pandavas.

When he had to write Mahabharata, he requested Lord Ganesha to assist him. Lord Ganesha put a condition that he’d write only if Vyasa would dictate the whole Mahabharata in one go, and thus, Mahabharata came into existence.

So, these were the legends behind the birth of the great Maharishi Ved Vyasa.