8 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

beauty around world

We know that beautiful women exists all over the world, but only a few make it to the peak of their beauty and be recognized all over the world. Here are the countries with the most beautiful women. Read the article to know more.

The Philippines

Let it be any international beauty pageant, women from Philippines have always been a part of first placements in top beauty pageants. They are well known for their dark hair and pale skin.

Philipines girl
Beautiful philippines Girl

The UK

A lot of women from UK have blonde hair and blue eyes and the country is known for producing some of the most beautiful models.

The UK Model
Iskra Lawrence


Australian women have the best personalities, they are smart, confident and sexy at looks. A perfect combination you would want! Australians are known to be much more laid back and relaxed.

Olympia Vallance-MODEL
Olympia Vallance

The US

Women of US have amazing personalities and have great beauty too, they are specially known for their natural (no make up) look. According to this “scientific and accurate list” you are beautiful.

US beauty


Next on the list the America’s neighboring country Canada is one of the top contenders for beautiful women as Canada has a variety of cultures and the country is filled with women of different skin tones.

beautiful canada girl

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is also one of the countries where you’ll find beautiful blue eyed blondes riding cycle and looking great all day!

Beautiful netherland girl
Doutzen Kroes


taly is the origin of the amazing looking the tanned brunettes of Europe. These women love to dress their best and probably have the best curves.

Italian girl


The beautiful women of Venezuela have won a number of beauty pageants as they have the perfect combination of skin color, hair, eyes, curves, confidence and style that you require to be the best looking.