Saffron colour represents fire & therefore , it burns out impurities

saffron color

Importance of saffron colour in the Hindu religion :

Saffron colour represents fire & therefore , it burns out impurities. Fire burns away the darkness & brings out light. It symbolises knowledge by burning the ignorance within us.

saffron color burn impurities

That’s why intellectuals like , Rishi , Muni wore clothes of saffron colour. Hindus in early Vedic period were fire worshippers , saffron colour would have become most sacred colour among Hindus in later period.

In early Vedic period, Aryans had two important Gods , namely Indra & Agni , & since Aryans gave utmost importance on yagna , they might have taken clue from the flames of fire which is akin to the saffron colour .

The rise of Buddhism in 6th century BC , might have influenced Vedic people to attach utmost importance to saffron colour. According to Hindu traditions, saffron colour absorbs shocks, nasty experience & trauma. It is driving the desire for truth or moksha ( salvation) .

lord buddha

Marathas used saffron colour in their flags . Looking into the period when Hindus worshiped numerous gods & goddess , several sects like vaishnavites , Shaivas , shaktas , smartas , Ganeshas ; the philosophy of Shankaracharya was revolutionary .

On the other hand, .the sadhus of different Akhadas wielding tridents & other weapons fought against Christian & Muslim invaders to save Hindus from proselytisation.

Because of their self less sacrifice for preservation & protection to Hinduism, saffron colour became synonymous with renunciation & sacrifice . A Hindu saint clad in saffron robe does not think about himself but for the good of society .